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 led light diffusers | pmma, ps, pp, pc | ikio led lighting
Light Diffusers are an essential part of LED Lights as it shields the Light Source. PMMA, PS, PP and PC are the common LED Diffuser Materials used nowadays.

 led light diffusers | pmma, ps, pp, pc | ikio
It has a relatively low light transmittance relative to PMMA light diffusers. It is an expensive material relative to PS but priced similar to PMMA. In conclusion, when it comes to durability and stability, PC diffusers are one of the best polymers to rely on, given its high fire-rating and good safety certifications.

 pmma (diffuser) | fumagalli
FUMAGALLI s.r.l. Via Ca Bassa, 29 21100 Varese - Italy Tel. +39.0332.336353 Fax. +39.0332.336358 italian.lux@fumagalli.it P.IVA IT 02508190127

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 what is the differences of pmma, ps, pc, pp diffuser ...
As a uniform light, diffuser has functions of shielding light source, LGP outlets and defects. Its main materials are: PMMA, PS, PC, PP. In the followings, we will show you their characteristics and differences.

 plastic lighting diffusers
PTH is glad to introduce you it's new range of Plastic Lighting Diffusers. Lighting Plastic Diffusers are supplied in Polycarbonate and PMMA UV Stabilized in Transparent, Opal and Satin color, on request lighting profiles are extruded in flame Polycarbonate V0 material.

 faq i led diffusers, lenses and plastic lighting sheets
We sell polystrene, pmma, optic films, light guide panels and micro prismatic diffusers. What are the standart sizes of your products? Polystrene diffusers are 1,5 and 1,8 mm thicknesses. Standart size is 1220x1830mm. It is possible to produce all thicknesses.

 diffusers - manufacturers, suppliers, exporters
Diffusers are devices to redirect or scatter light from a source, predominantly by the way of diffuse transmission. They are used in combination with LEDs to spread out the light emitted in luminaires such as LED bulbs, LED tubes, LED panels, LED downlights, etc.

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